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The artist

«My art is in between spontaneity and intended ideas. The spontaneity makes you go 'WOW!' and the intended ideas make you want to look again and again.»

Lennart Schou is a Danish painter whose artistic production is driven by spontaneity and a search for innovation. Experimenting with different styles and media, each of Schou’s works are bold and one-of-a-kind; they have been conceived to be able to stand alone and to come to life in their unique environment. Going through Schou’s portfolio, we see that each work has its own individual story to tell and its own way of telling it.


  • 2024


          CPH ArtSpace at Docken / Docken Copenhagen -             Link

           Photomarked with Copenhagen Photo Festival               at Absalon - link 

  • 2023

          Udstilling i Galleri Stendhal

          Udstilling i Galleri Colbjoern

  • 2022

          Creative Mind at Musicon - Link

  • 2022
    CPH ArtSpace at Docken / Docken - Copenhagen, Denmark - Link
  • 2021
    CPH ArtSpace in Copenhagen / Docken - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2020
    CPH ArtSpace / Docken - Copenhagen, Denmark - Link
  • 2019
    Workplace exhibition / Greve erhvervscenter - Greve, Denmark
  • 2019
    Workplace exhibition / Høvelte kursuscenter - Høvelte, Denmark
  • 2019
    3x3 / Galleri Symbol - Copenhagen, Denmark - Link
  • 2018
    Censored show VK18 / Æglageret - Holbæk, Denmark - Link
  • 2018
    Gladsaxe Sommerudstilling / Gladsaxe - Gladsaxe, Denmark - Link
  • 2018
    "Hvor vi er" / Galleri Symbol - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2018
    Solo Show at Galleri Symbol / Galleri Symbol - Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 2017
    solo show / Atelier 24 - Frederiksberg, Denmark

You can see my art here at this homepage or visit one of the following galleries in Copenhagen:


Colbjørn Galleri og Værksted

You are also welcome to look at my Saatchi account. Saatchi is a world wide online gallery were you can see and buy my paintings. Find it here Saatchi gallery


I do workspace exhibitions

I do teach in cyanotype

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