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If you are interested in some of the art write me an email. I have more art then shown on my homepage, so your are more then welcome to write for further examples. 

You can also visit  for prices. 

The vision

My vision is that the paintings I make makes a change. 

This is my vision. We change when we see good paintings. When I dream into my painting, when the narrative is solid, when my feelings are awoken that’s where I want my art. I have painted for several years.

I have investigated the intended art and the spontaneous art but passion is for art that moves us. We have to move into new insights, discover new feelings or investegate old ones.


Future show:

September: Frederiksbergs rådhus –Frederiksberg Kunstnerlaug
September: Besat af kunst

2020 – Workplace exhibition at Banedanmark
2020 – Solo Show at Galleri Stendhal
2019 – Workplace exhibition at Greve erhvervscenter
2018 – Solo Show at Galleri Symbol in Copenhagen
2018 – Workplace exhibition at Høvelte Kursuscenter
2017 – Solo show at Atelier 24 in Frederiksberg

Group shows: 

2020 – CPH Art Space 
2020 – Frederiksberg centeret med Frederiksberg kunstnerlaug 
2020 – Den gule villa: Facebook event
2019- Galleri Symbol “3×3”
2018 – Galleri Symbol, “Hvor vi er”, Copenhagen
2018 – Gladsaxe Sommerudstilling
2018 – Censored show VK18, Holbæk, Denmark: Æglageret
2017 – The yearly show at Atelier 24, Frederiksberg
2016 – The yearly show at Atelier 24, Frederiksberg
2016 – Censored show in “Galleri projekt” Copenhagen